In this section of our site, you'll find free instructional videos - over 230 and counting - on a wide variety of topics.  You can think of these as being like the body of your textbook, or the lecture from your math teacher - but really, they're just short video instruction modules targeted to your own personalized needs.

One way that we personalize these videos is to point you toward other videos that offer explanations of "previous learning" - prerequisites to the current video, if you will. These recommendations show up as links at the bottom of the page containing each video. We offer the same personalization in the "Homework Help" portion of the site.

Teachers: Have you heard about "flipped learning"? Feel free to link to these instructional videos to transform your own classroom for your students, or assign them to individual students as you differentiate your instruction.

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Calculator Techniques

We're working hard on building out the content on this site - already with over 230 free videos and an extensive glossary - so you can use it immediately! Feel free to send me an email if there is a particular video you'd like to see up here right away, and I'll work on that one next!