A Program for the TI83/TI84 - Graphing Conic Sections

This program will graph a conic section given the coefficients of its equation in standard form.

Here is a PDF version of the program.

On your calculator, use the PRGM:NEW feature to create a program called “CONIC”. Then edit the program with the follow lines. Everything in quotes is typed using the ALPHA keys. Access terms like ClrHome, Output, and Pause through the PRGM options while writing the program (look through the submenus).

:Output(2,2,"CONIC SECTIONS")
:Output(4,2,"BY (type your name here)")
:Output(6,4,"PRESS ENTER")
:Output((7,5,"TO BEGIN")
:Output(2,3,"GENERAL FORM")
:Output(3,2,"OF THE EQUATION")
:Output(8,3,"PRESS ENTER")
:Prompt A,B,C,D,E,F
:If (B+E)2-4C(A+D+F)\(\lt\)0
:Output(4,5,"NO REAL")

Video Resources:
Parametric and Cartesian Equations of the Conic Sections