Using Parametric Equations to Plot Solids

This video is produced with the TI83/TI84 calculator. To produce these graphs on the TI Nspire, you will first build your graphs, then add the necessary lines, as in the video. Access commands as follows:

(1) To add graphs, choose MENU, then VIEW, then GRAPHING. Next, for parametric graphs, choose MENU, then GRAPH ENTRY/EDIT, then PARAMETRIC. Enter the equations and domain constraints all in the same screen. If necessary, adjust your window as you would for any other graph.

(2) To change to a dotted line, use the click pad to move the cursor to the arrow in the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on that and then use the click pad to select the appropriate options (such as a dotted line).

(3) When your graphs are complete, add your line segments by selecting MENU, then GEOMETRY, then POINTS & LINES, then SEGMENT. Use the click pad to determine the endpoints of each segment.

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