Flip Teaching

Flip Teaching refers to the classroom where "traditional" instruction has been moved outside of classtime, freeing up classtime for other valuable uses - differentiation, project based learning, mastery learning, or simply students working on what used to be called "homework", but with the teacher by their side.

Training Resources:
The Flipped Learning Network (FLN) - A growing collegial network, with lots of resources!
Flipped Teaching Survey - Data reveals extent and impact of Flipped Learning
From the FLIPPED LEARNING workshops - Links from a workshop produced by the FLN.
Dean's Training Resources - Collection of videos and links on Flip Teaching
Classroom Podcasting/Vodcasting - We used to call this "vodcasting" (as in "video podcasting").

Sample Lessons:
Sample Student View 1 - Here's what my students watch/do the first night in my own PreCalculus class.
Sample Student View 2 - This video/quiz was uploaded to Screencast, then embedded here.
Sample Student View 3 - This is a video with a quiz embedded into the video.
Sample Student View 4 - A video with a link to a dynamic quiz.
Student Produced Videos - These are videos my students made to recreate my videos, but with a "twist"!

Lesson Resources:
eMathGuy - My very favorite place to find great lessons!
Khan Academy - Lots of videos (especially in math & science) and other resources
iTunes University - Lesson development and repository for the iPad
MIT Open Courseware - 2100 free online courses from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
EduVision Flipped Learning - Video library with over 1000 searchable lessons
Patrick JMT - Just Math Tutorials
Google - Probably the most direct way to find new resources. (Try "math videos"!)

Technology Resources:
Camtasia Studio - Screen recording software (Powerful, but costs money)
Jing - Screen recording software (Free, but with some feature limitations)
Explain Everything - iPad app (Interactive Whiteboard with recording capabilities)
RevoLabs xTag - USB Wireless Microphone (I've been pleased with the sound quality from this mic.)
Articulate QuizMaker - Create online dynamic quizzes (Powerful, but a bit pricey)
Google Forms - Use a Google Form to assess student understanding.
Flubaroo - Automates the grading of quizzes housed in Google Forms

The Flipped Classroom (with Aaron Sams)